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Our team has several decades of competence in producing strategies that generate results for our clients. We operate in the areas of marketing, advertising, and public relations, with skill in producing media communication tools that are effective for delivering a message or selling a product or service.


Gladstone and Associates has built lasting relationships with many professionals in various disciplines. We employ our extensive network of associates on an, as needed basis, pending the size and scope of a client project.


As a client of Gladstone & Associates, you now have access to talent traditionally associated with big budget, Fortune 500 companies and their advertising agencies, at a fraction of the investment.

Dominick Gladstone Bio

Dominick is a leader…balanced…and grounded. His uniqueness is expressed as quintessential creative and business executive. He can brainstorm and unearth the essence of “it” and he has a finesse with numbers, too. It’s why clients like him. In combination, Dominick’s blend of talents conveys ROI consciousness in the development of solidly goal-oriented strategies, messages, and visuals. It’s why clients respect him. He facilitates the impact on target audiences and addresses bottom line. It’s why clients hire him.


Right-brained and left-brained, Gladstone’s combined aptitude synthesizes today’s business marketing needs for clients to manage big data and budget structures, all without compromising his creative talents. In an electronic, fast-paced, and mobile world, his multi-talents and his digital media define him, his work. He shapes results for clients. Clients rely on his innovative ideas and strategic concepts, then relish in the execution of their objectives. Teamwork with accomplished clients and skilled professional colleagues excites him. Problem-solving – from initial phase to end product – takes burdens off clients. Consulting, marketing, public relations and advertising, social media, web development back and front end, photography, videography and production are the means. The start to finish process keeps him fresh – refreshing clients, too.

Partial Client List -- GA & ANS

  • Active Plastics

  • Anderstat Med-Surg Enterprises

  • ARC Community Advocates

  • Artz by Bartz

  • Barber Packaging

  • Building Blocks

  • Choice One in Home Health Care

  • Christian Neighbors

  • City of Kalamazoo

  • Community Healing Centers

  • Crossroads Career Network

  • Deb Droppers – The Event Company

  • Downtown Kalamazoo Inc. (DKI)

  • Flying Dog Garage

  • Graphic Packaging

  • Great Lakes Music Video Festival

  • Henderson Castle

  • Hills Law Office

  • International Alliance of Hope

  • Kalamazoo Promise

  • Kalamazoo Public Schools

  • Keith Hall Music

  • Meints Glassblowing

  • Michigan Historic Preservation Network

  • National Partnership for Juvenile Services

  • NSR Consulting – Scott Rachel

  • Oak Point Financial Group

  • Open Door Next Door

  • Padgett Business Services

  • Perrigo – Pharmaceuticals

  • Reality Models and Talent

  • Sean McCann – Politician

  • The Bureau

  • The Cheff Center

  • The Substance Abuse Task Force

  • Vine Street Neighborhood Association

  • West Michigan Glass

  • Western Michigan University

  • Westnedge Auto Care

  • Wow Web Works

  • Youthful Offenders Transitions Program (Kalamazoo County Courts)

About Gladstone

Gladstone & Associates Inc. is a Michigan based corporation for close to 20 years. Gladstone is the culmination of over 40 years experience with consulting in Media Production, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Gladstone consults with commercial companies and non-profits assisting them with reaching developmental goals from start-ups to expansion into new markets.


Act Naturally Studios, a full service media production company, owned and operated by Gladstone & Associates Inc. Operating independently, but acting as Gladstone’s production arm, producing all types of electronic media. ANS produces photography, video production, social media content, and website content.