Marketing - Advertising - Public Relations

Marketing, advertising, and public relations often blend together in today's fast-paced business world. Trends have changed over the years and so have the message delivery methods. We live in an instant two-way communicative environment with companies, customers, and clients. However, the basic rules for establishing long-lasting relations with audiences, have not changed that much.

Gladstone & Associates prides itself on keeping up with current trends and message delivery methods, but we are rooted in the basics. We know that to truly connect in today's world we must build a business' brand in a trustworthy manner, using current and effective communication tools.

"Well we have always done it this way" is not valid in today's marketing, advertising, and public relations arena. We work with clients to develop communication strategies, that start with the basic human principles of connection, but use today's electronic world of delivery.

Message delivery:  Direct mail, display advertising, billboards, website development, internet advertising, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, social media conversations, Facebook page development, custom landing pages, mobile advertising, pay-per-click, press releases, posters, postcards, brochures, flyers... and whatever else the current marketplace has available for delivering a message.


Allow Gladstone & Associates to help you build your brand and connect with your audience.

Strategic Planning

Before embarking on any journey, in life or in business, one should have a plan. This plan should examine where you have been and where you wish to go. The most important part of the strategy is to come up with relevant action steps that lead you closer to your goal. The goals should be clear and measurable.


Gladstone and Associates can assist you with the process of developing a solid strategy that will lead you toward your goals.

Communications Tools

The tools change over the years. Some become less popular and some more popular, but the basics remain intact. As a business owner you need to know which tools will be more effective and how to execute the use of the tools.


We work in all mediums: Brochures, postcards, direct mail, flyers, playbills, television, radio, billboards, magazines, website design, display advertising, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn company profiles, LinkedIn advertising, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and more.

Website Design

We consult with business' to get down to the goals and needs for your website. We look at usability and function. We review design and graphics. We develop navigation for the end-user that works.


Simply put, we are the bridge between the technology and the meat of what makes a good website work.

Social Media Management

Navigating the world of social media can be a challenge in the ever-changing environment. We can assist with doing what is right for you and your business. We also look closely at your audience, considering their needs and wants.


Allow Gladstone & Associates to help you achieve social media success.

About Gladstone

Gladstone & Associates Inc. is a Michigan based corporation for close to 20 years. Gladstone is the culmination of over 40 years experience with consulting in Media Production, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Gladstone consults with commercial companies and non-profits assisting them with reaching developmental goals from start-ups to expansion into new markets.


Act Naturally Studios, a full service media production company, owned and operated by Gladstone & Associates Inc. Operating independently, but acting as Gladstone’s production arm, producing all types of electronic media. ANS produces photography, video production, social media content, and website content.